So apparently I have a blog now.

I know what you’re thinking.

Wow, that’s so 2010, why on earth would you think of doing this?

To be quite frank with you, I’m not entirely sure. There are many possibilities for my inspiration, and because I love procrastination, I’d like to list them here.


Journaling & Mental Health

As many of you may know, over the years I have struggled with keeping my brain chemicals from spilling all over the place. Essentially, my human essence is controlled by a first year chemistry student who doesn’t know what PPE is. Fortunately for me however, writing is a great way to provide order to the chaos. Even if it’s me rambling about silly (and often quite stupid!) nerd garbage, it gives me some sort of outlet that isn’t mainly logic and math.


Everyone else is doing it, and I want to be cool too.

As I’m sure you’ve seen while scouring the internet, it feels like everyone who keeps some sort of online record keeps a blog as well. I’ve seen a wide variety of posts, from Linux and AI to which type of chair would best fit a dwarf. While reading these blogs, I would frequently ponder about what topics I would choose to write about. This mental list has gotten so large to the point where if I don’t start writing I will forget.


Twitter is dumb and stupid and stupid and dumb

As of late, Elon has introduced the incredibly wonderful and definitely not controversial change of expanding Twitter Blue. This wouldn’t fase me much until recently, when Mr. Muskrat decided to paywall SMS 2FA.


A bold move from someone who hauls bathroom sinks.


This blogging platform allows me to write about whatever stupid crap is on my mind, just as Twitter did oh-so long ago. It also provides the added benefit of me not caring whether or not my post gets “likes” and “retweets”. I’m a very numbers-oriented person, so I do tend to shoot for high numbers at all costs (including my health!)


Opportunity to improve my writing skills

The only thing worse than my ability to concentrate is my ability to write coherently. There are two types of sentences I tend to create:

A doorbell derives its name from the object which it tends to be nearest (a door) and the sound it makes (a bell).


So it’s called a doorbell because it usually comes pretty close to a door, but not always, and as such the designers thought that naming it that way would provide ample clarification that it is indeed near a door.

Notice how the first one manages to get the point across consisely, while the second one struggles (and even misses the “bell” part!). The end goal here is to cut down on type two sentences, and write more type one sentences.

I hope that with some practice, I can write better sentences and not sound like a blabbering idiot whenever I open my mouth.



Do I care whether or not anyone sees this? Not really. Does it make me sleep better at night knowing that my thoughts are out there? Absolutely.

As for posting frequency, I’m aiming to get one somewhat-mildly-edited word vomit rant out a month. If I don’t, I’ll buy you a soda.




As I have been writing this, it has become clearer and clearer that the true reason was right in front of me the whole time. It turns out the best reason of all is the most simple: